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Griquas Referees

Kat Swanepoel has been a member of the Referee’s Association since 1989 and Chairman since 1998. He was the secretary from 1994 till 1998. In 2008 started as Development Officer/Referees Manager at the Griqualand-West Rugby Union.

With the implementing of BokSmart, Kat also serve as BokSmart coordinator of this province. He is currently the longest serving member on the SARRA Referees Forum, represented by all the provinces’ Refs and Chairmen.

In 2012 he was honoured with Honorary Membership by South African Rugby Referees Association because of his contribution in Griquas and SARRA.

Currently referees in Griquas Rugby is experiencing a very difficult time. Less people are prepared to be a referee so numbers are limited. The ideal person to become a referee is a retired player who still want to be part of rugby, this give you an advantage to a person who has never played rugby.

Becoming a referee is a passion and is done for the love of the game.

To become a referee we are looking people with these characteristics:

1.   Strong Leader
2.   Humble
3.   Consist of a strong backbone
4.   Be a good ambassador
5.   Be fit physically and emotionally
6.   Be strong willed
7.   Willing to learn
8.   Be able to handle positive and negative critics
9.   Be willing to give more than he will receive
10. Never think he is the most important person on the field

11. Be a ref because it is fun

If you think you consist most of these characteristics, join us at Griquas Refs!

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